NE AL Settlers Excerpt Vol 50 No 4

A series of Death Notices from The Bessemer Journal, which was published in Bessemer, Jefferson County, Alabama from 1902-1909[1] were part of the January 2012, Volume 50, No. 4 NORTHEAST ALABAMA SETTLERS, the NEAGS quarterly (pages 23-26). Members of NEAGS receive the quarterly as part of their Membership Application.

Death notices & obituaries in those days provided far more information. Sometimes it can bring tears to your eyes. But such things can provide a lot of information to a family researcher.

July 16, 1903 – Jimmie PINSON died at Albertville from what was said to be hydrophobia, after most intense suffering for more than two weeks. He was a small lad and had been bitten by a dog that was supposed to have been mad…

Note from Web Administrator: Jimmie would have been listed in the 1900 census but missing in the 1910. If a school record was found for 1902-03, he would have been listed but missing from the 1903-04 roster.
What could be done 1903 re rabies?

January 30, 1904 – CHARLES LUMPKIN, a boy 12-years old, fell dead while at work at his machine in the Dwight Mills at Alabama City, Ala. The boy was at his work and had not complained of even feeling bad, when he fell dead by the side of his machine. About ten days ago his sister died after a few hours’ illness. She was about 18 years old. It is supposed to have been heart trouble.

Note from Web Administrator: Note the age of the boy. He was working in January which means he probably was not in school. And while this does not list his sister’s name, you now know her death date was January 20, 1904. A check of the 1900 census will probably list her name. It should also indicate the financial situation of the family.

[1] Source: About The Bessemer Journal.

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