Library is Waymarked


The Nichols Memory Library is “waymarked“!!!

And what’s that you ask?  I didn’t know either until I read Dick Eastman’s article, Waymarking for Genealogists and Historians. [See note below.] ****

Waymarking is a game/project/obsession which uses GPS coordinates to mark locations of interest and share them with others. You can even post online digital pictures of the location for others to see.

I was amazed at just the historical markers within the Gadsden area they were already there.  Read the whole article, possible subtitle: “How to Have Fun with Your GPS Receiver and Simultaneously Provide a Public Service for Others.”

Written by Lynda Peach

Dick Eastman’s site is being rebuilt. This link is not available at this time but hopefully will be back in the future. ~ Update provided May 12, 2014.

Dick has posted that he probably won’t bring the old site content back. Ergo, the links have been removed.

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