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Everything is Nichols Library is related to Alabama–Right?

I’m a ‘transplant’ to northeast Alabama. When I joined the NEAGS, I did not expect to find a great deal of data on my family because I have NEVER found anyone from Alabama in my ancestry or that any ancestors were here even for a little while.

I love coming to our Nichols Library. It’s such a pretty building with beautiful paneling and double fireplaces. It’s a pleasing place to quietly work on your research (wifi available).

I was delighted when I found the a book on Virginia genealogy & history. It’s one not found in every library. Then I found a great Kentucky source, a wonderful Tennessee source, North Carolina and … and … I haven’t remotely touched all the aspects of our library

So when reviewing “The Smith Papers” for the  Library Book Review – June 2012 (formerly Book of the Month) was I surprised to find the compilers, Mary & Martin (Sims) “To Our Readers” section of No. 17, Fall 1985 that “work … has slowed down … [to] finish the 1870 census for Daviess Co., MO.” My genealogy antenna zinged since I have family in adjacent counties!

Now I’m wondering what I missed in the genealogy library & active genealogical society that I ignored for so many years when I lived in another state. Drat!

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