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Flip Flop Those Names

When searching first and last names in a database, consider interchanging the first and last names. It can easily happen in the creation of a database or in the taking of the census. The chance is slightly higher if the first and last names are ones that could “go either way.”

If your ancestor was named Johnson Gibson, is there a chance he is listed somewhere as Gibson Johnson?

© Michael John Neill, “Genealogy Tip of the Day,”, 16- May-2011.

Was Grandma A Native Born Alien?

In the United States, during the time before the Cable Act, a native born American woman would lose her citizenship status if she married a man who was an alien. This explains why the 1920 census for my children’s great-great-grandmother indicated she was an alien even though she was born in New York State. Her husband was an unnaturalized Greek immigrant.

Did your female ancestor lose her citizenship because her husband was an alien?

© Michael John Neill, “Genealogy Tip of the Day,”, 9- May-2012.