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Turn the Page

When a document is located on a relative, look at the pages before and after the document for additional references to your relative. Deeds sometimes get recorded in “batches,” when it is realized that they were forgotten. Children sometimes get baptized in groups when a minister finally arrives or someone decides it is time.

And occasionally there is a supplemental death certificate when a correction needs to be made.

Indexes will take you to a direct, exact page. It’s up to you to turn a few pages before and after that page to see if there’s an additional find.

© Michael John Neill, “Genealogy Tip of the Day,”, 3 Sep 2012.

Flip Flop Those Names

When searching first and last names in a database, consider interchanging the first and last names. It can easily happen in the creation of a database or in the taking of the census. The chance is slightly higher if the first and last names are ones that could “go either way.”

If your ancestor was named Johnson Gibson, is there a chance he is listed somewhere as Gibson Johnson?

© Michael John Neill, “Genealogy Tip of the Day,”, 16- May-2011.