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Intriguing Newspaper Research Site

Old man falling asleep reading his newspaper.

Old Newspaper Articles Are Fascinating ~~ At Nichols Library today we were assisting someone in newspaper research and in doing so I stumbled upon a new site. Well, actually the site is *not* new. It is just new to me. The site is Newspaper Abstracts and covers not only the United States but other countries …

Newspaper Obituaries – Are all the facts accurate?

Handmade wrought iron tombstone taken in Richardson Cemetery, Laredo, Missouri.

Genealogists LOVE Obituaries

Obituaries are filled with wonderful pieces of information such as place of birth, parents names, spouse, children, grand-children. I personally love reading the “old” obits which often would tell the sad story of what caused the death. I once read one that basically said that the poor young man had been stupid (he was killed in an accident) otherwise he’d be alive that day and not a sorrow to his dear mother.

BUT do not assume that all “facts” in an obituary are accurate.

Any Virginia Ancestors? Unless this Bill passes, it is going to get harder to get court records

Action Needed Now

I have Virginia ancestors? So do a LOT of people doing genealogy research. Judy G. Russell who does the excellent The Legal Genealogist blog posted today, 15-Jan-2014, titled “Virginia call to arms“. It’s another one of those wonderful actions that a state can do to fix one problem and instead REALLY screw the researching genealogist or historian. …

New Civil War Research Page

U.S. & Confederate Flags.

Researching America’s Civil War, 1861-1865 Did you know that California was part of the Union? Do you know states were known as the “Border States”?  Do you know that Native Americans fought as well? Do you know which side? Have you been unable to find data on your Civil War soldier? A new Civil War …

Looking for Alabama records older than 1900?

Reposted from a Facebook group, Genealogy & Historical Databases. “If so, the Alabama Dept. of archives and History is where to go – but [it is] located in Montgomery. So, if you cannot drive there, the next best thing is to send in a research form. It is $15 for in state and $25 for …