Monthly archives: June, 2014

Oh Dear, Jamestown Island Is Sinking

Historic Jamestowne - Jamestown VA

Planned to visit Jamestown Island??? You *STILL* have time. I know of at least one of our NEAGS members who has traced (and documented) her ancestors to Jamestown. Current articles on the Internet are focusing on the political buzzwords “global warming” because the U.S. Interior Secretary visited the Island. The island was hit by hurricane …

Intriguing Newspaper Research Site

Old man falling asleep reading his newspaper.

Old Newspaper Articles Are Fascinating ~~ At Nichols Library today we were assisting someone in newspaper research and in doing so I stumbled upon a new site. Well, actually the site is *not* new. It is just new to me. The site is Newspaper Abstracts and covers not only the United States but other countries …