Next NEAGS Meeting, Sat. Oct 11th

NEAGS Meeting: Saturday, Oct 11th 1:30 pm
Speaker: Betty Sue McElroy
Subject: 1813 When Andrew Jackson & Davy Crockett came to Alabama & how they helped open Alabama for our ancestors.

Meeting will be held at the Nichols Memorial Library, 1 Cabot Ave, Gadsden, AL.
Map to Nichols Libary

NEAGS Meeting Sat., Sept 13th

NEAGS Meeting Saturday, September 13th

Speaker: Jim Anderson.
Topic: The Loose Records Web Index Project & Its Relationship to Family Search.
Time:  1:30 pm
Location: Nichols Library, 1 Cabot Ave. Gadsden AL. Map to Nichols Library

Mr. Anderson is the webmaster for the Alabama Genealogical Society (AGS) & supports  the society in other technology matters. He is also an interim co-editor with Jyl Hardy of the society’s magazine.  Click “read more” to read Mr. Anderson’s biography.

When Alabama Required Vital Records To Be Recorded

Vital Records are so important in genealogical research. It helps to know when the state began to require record Birth, Marriage, and Death to be recorded. Be aware that a death record does NOT mean that death certificate was required or recorded.

Thanks to an observant reader (see comment below) — there is a difference between vital data being recorded AND when it was REQUIRED to be recorded.

In Alabama, the years are:

Birth – 1908 | Marriage – 1936 | Death – 1908

~ Source: Vital Records Chart.
Note that the chart lists ALL of the United States.

Oh Dear, Jamestown Island Is Sinking

Planned to visit Jamestown Island???

You *STILL* have time. I know of at least one of our NEAGS members who has traced (and documented) her ancestors to Jamestown. Current articles on the Internet are focusing on the political buzzwords “global warming” because the U.S. Interior Secretary visited the Island. The island was hit by hurricane force winds several years ago. Articles state the island could be flooded (over time due to rising seas). None state how much or how fast. See the Historic Jamestown site for what to see on a visit as well as its history.

Intriguing Newspaper Research Site

Old Newspaper Articles Are Fascinating

Newspaper Abstracts Logo

Newspaper Abstracts Site Logo

~~ At Nichols Library today we were assisting someone in newspaper research and in doing so I stumbled upon a new site. Well, actually the site is *not* new. It is just new to me.

The site is Newspaper Abstracts and covers not only the United States but other countries as well.