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~~ At Nichols Library today we were assisting someone in newspaper research and in doing so I stumbled upon a new site. Well, actually the site is *not* new. It is just new to me.

The site is Newspaper Abstracts and covers not only the United States but other countries as well.

Newspaper Obituaries – Are all the facts accurate?

Genealogists LOVE Obituaries

Obituaries are filled with wonderful pieces of information such as place of birth, parents names, spouse, children, grand-children. I personally love reading the “old” obits which often would tell the sad story of what caused the death. I once read one that basically said that the poor young man had been stupid (he was killed in an accident) otherwise he’d be alive that day and not a sorrow to his dear mother.

7 facta re newspapers obituaries from GenealogyBank.

Fact list posted in emails & on the

BUT do not assume that all “facts” in an obituary are accurate.

Special Meeting Sat. Apr 26 ~ 10:00 AM til Noon

Open to anyone interested in genealogy.

Share your best information about how you found your ancestor and/or your brick wall, resources you used and what you found.

ALSO… We will have a short course on Excel. Using Excel to build a timeline and
> How to sort information by date, event or source.

PLUS… Also NARA OPA (Online Public Access) & how to use it with the census to locate ancestors, & the power of “Control F ” in research.

Meeting will be held at the Nichols Library in Gadsden at 1 Cabot Ave. Map to library.

Heartbleed Bug: Checklist on what sites have been patched

Heartbleed bug: Check which sites have been patched – A compiled list of the top 100 sites across the Web, and checked to see if the Heartbleed bug was patched.  Be aware that such a list will be updated as more information is available.

Did Ya Miss The Swap Meet?

NEAGS Ancestor Swap Meet 2014Geez! How COULD you do that! It was amazing. It was fun. And YOU missed it!

Sick in bed.

This is NOT me. Too neat & she looks too neat. Modified Word Image.

Well — so did I. Your NEAGS Site Admin — ME — missed it. My excuse is … you ready?  Sick, sick, sick. Trust me! No one would have wanted me there.

But from everything I have heard and read — this was one NOT to be missed. From the Dinner Theater night to the Saturday event. Well, drat! Snif & Boo hoo!

Bet you feel exactly the same way I do … that is, if you missed it too.