Form Available for WWII Etowah Co. Vet Book

To submit your veteran for the WWII Etowah County Book: 

Click on the link  in on of the top menus that appear on every NEAGS page … WWII Veterans Info Form for the Etowah Co. Book.

  Be sure to read the information at the top of the page on the form.  

If you have a picture of the veteran in uniform, please include a copy of the picture.

NEAGS To Publish Etowah County WWII Book

NEAGS plans a World War II book for those in Etowah County.  The process has JUST begun. All information will be on a new page to be posted NLT Sunday, January  4th, 2015. Another post will be made when the page is ready to go. If you have subscribed to our site, you will automatically receive an email. A notice will also be posted on our Facebook page.

2014: Last Regular Time for Library To Be Open

Nichols Memorial Library, home of NEAGS, will be open this Thursday as usual from 10am to 3pm.
It is the LAST day in 2014 the library is scheduled to be open.
The Library will be closed after December 18th
until Thursday, January 8th, 2015
when we open at the usual time.

NEAGS Christmas Meet, Greet and Eat


Used w/permission from

This Saturday is the NEAGS Meeting that isn’t a meeting.

We start at noon instead of 1:30pm.

We bring a covered dish AND a dessert. And we talk and eat and just have a great time. This is the meeting to invite your non-genealogy-interested spouse.

The NEAGS Library building is owned by the Society. There are needs such as paper towels, toilet paper, tissues, copy paper, hand soap, dish soap, paper plates, napkins, plastic utensils. You get the idea.

Bring anything consumable item. And … you don’t have to wrap your NEAGS “Christmas Present”.


Genealogy & Halloween

An Idea for YOUR Genealogy & Halloween

Write a memory or several memories of going Trick or Treatin’ when you were a child.

If the memory is a good one & your children or grandchildren are small, share the memory with them. NOW!

If the memory is not so wonderful, write it anyway and share with your children or older grandchildren.

A Genealogy Halloween Story Example:

When Alabama Required Vital Records To Be Recorded

Vital Records are so important in genealogical research. It helps to know when the state began to require record Birth, Marriage, and Death to be recorded. Be aware that a death record does NOT mean that death certificate was required or recorded.

Thanks to an observant reader (see comment below) — there is a difference between vital data being recorded AND when it was REQUIRED to be recorded.

In Alabama, the years are:

Birth – 1908 | Marriage – 1936 | Death – 1908

~ Source: Vital Records Chart.
Note that the chart lists ALL of the United States.

Oh Dear, Jamestown Island Is Sinking

Planned to visit Jamestown Island???

You *STILL* have time. I know of at least one of our NEAGS members who has traced (and documented) her ancestors to Jamestown. Current articles on the Internet are focusing on the political buzzwords “global warming” because the U.S. Interior Secretary visited the Island. The island was hit by hurricane force winds several years ago. Articles state the island could be flooded (over time due to rising seas). None state how much or how fast. See the Historic Jamestown site for what to see on a visit as well as its history.