Did Ya Miss The Swap Meet?

NEAGS Ancestor Swap Meet 2014Geez! How COULD you do that! It was amazing. It was fun. And YOU missed it!

Sick in bed.

This is NOT me. Too neat & she looks too neat. Modified Word Image.

Well — so did I. Your NEAGS Site Admin — ME — missed it. My excuse is … you ready?  Sick, sick, sick. Trust me! No one would have wanted me there.

But from everything I have heard and read — this was one NOT to be missed. From the Dinner Theater night to the Saturday event. Well, drat! Snif & Boo hoo!

Bet you feel exactly the same way I do … that is, if you missed it too.

Topics for Sat, Mar 22nd Ancestor Swap Meet

J. Mark Lowe, Speaker for 2014 NEAGS Ancestor Swap Meet

Morning session: Step-by-Step: Locating Your Civil War Ancestors
Using a record-based approach, learn to find the basic records of your Civil War Ancestor. A review of basic military records will be presented by following a solider throughout all available records, including Pensions (online and textual).

Afternoon session 1: Local Records & Manuscripts
By examining a variety of alternate records, Mr. Lowe will share more light on your ancestors (men and women) and the events of the Civil War. Includes local civil records, state agency records, home guard and militia records, manuscripts, and newspaper accounts.

Afternoon session 2: Civil War Veterans & Friends
Americans have long sought out groups of like-minded people with whom they can share their interests, goals, and achievements. That was true during the Civil War era and in the years following the war. AND finding records from some of those groups can provide important clues about how people lived and thought.

What *IS* a Genealogy Swap Meet?

The “Swap Meet” provides LEARNING opportunities.

People who love to do genealogy also LOVE to share genealogy. The “Swap Meet” is NEAGS’ way of SHARING information & knowledge not only to our community but state-wide for a day of focused activity.

The “Swap Meet” is a way of MEETING new people who have like interests – perhaps in the same surname or in the same area of the country.

The “Swap Meet” is on Saturday, March 22nd– but don’t miss the Dinner Theater event the night before.

See the flyer  (2014) for  more information.
Save the dates on your calendar & Register now.

Come join us for a great “genealogy experience”.

2014 Ancestor Swap Meet

New Civil War Research Page

Researching America’s Civil War, 1861-1865

Did you know that California was part of the Union? Do you know states were known as the “Border States”?  Do you know that Native Americans fought as well? Do you know which side? Have you been unable to find data on your Civil War soldier?

A new Civil War research page has been added to the NEAGS site, Civil War Research, which focuses on providing links to help researching ancestors who fought during the Civil War.

NEAGS’s Nichols Library also has reference books, some no longer in print, on the Civil War. Several of our volunteer librarians also can help you research your military ancestor on the Fold3 site ($$). Nichols Library is open on Thursdays from 10am to 3pm.