Little Known Burial Sites & Cemeteries Etowah Co. AL

Woman working a manual printing press.Little Known Burial Sites and Cemeteries Etowah County Alabama – Whites, Blacks and Indians Includes A Few From Nearby Counties (Blount, Cherokee, DeKalb, Marshall and St. Clair) – compiled by W.A. Lewis, edited by Lucinda Evans

Review published October 25, 2012
Reviewed by Lynda Peach
About the book & Its Contents
~ from the Dedication & Acknowledgements and Introduction

“This 277 page book plus index & appendix was several years in the making. Over 180 cemeteries and 4,800 names are listed.

One of the fascinating segments of this book are scattered ‘epitaphs’. Make sure you read the complete 7-page Introduction before the rest of the book. Informative but some portions are humorous.”

Date of Publication: Unknown, After 1992


Cemetery Listing: Known cemeteries have location information and a list of the people buried if known. List includes Date of Birth & Death.When other information has been found aboutn an individual, that has been included as well.
Unknown Cemeteries:
» 12 Black cemeteries are listed. Locations are given as well as any information known. Names of those buried are given when available.
» 3 Indian cemeteries are listed. Note that one of the Black cemeteries may be Indian.
» 40 other cemeteries are listed with any information known.Four cemeteries were added just before the index.Appendix: An appendix was added later with further information & a few corrections.

The compilation at the Nichols Memorial Library and available for purchase. Contact any librarian while visiting the library or see Books & Publications.

Book Shelf.This book and many others like it are available for you to research onsite at the Nichols Memorial Library.
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