St. Clair County, AL

Map of Alabama highlighting St. Clair County.
Map of Alabama highlighting St. Clair County. Source: Wikipedia

St. Clair County was created from Shelby County by the Alabama Territorial legislature on November 20, 1818. On December 20, 1820 a part of the county was added to Jefferson County.

St. Clair County was named for General Arthur St. Clair of Pennsylvania, a hero of the American Revolution.

St. Clair County is located in the north-central part of the state, and bordered by Blount, Calhoun, Talladega, Shelby, and Jefferson counties.

Towns & Communities

   St. Clair is the only county in Alabama to have two county seats.

Ashville, originally called St. Clairsville, was named for John Ash, a senator in the state’s first General Assembly. Located in the northern part of the county, Ashville served as the county seat from 1821-1907.

The Alabama Constitution of 1901 provided for Pell City in the southern part of the county to serve as the county seat for the Southern Judicial District of the county. A constitutional amendment in 1907 established Pell City, named for George H. Pell, an early settler, as the second county seat.

~ Source for above: Ancestor Swap Meet 2003 book, June 21, 2003, Northeast Alabama
Genealogical Society. Content modified for better readability.

Other towns and communities include Argo, Ashville, Branchville, part of Leeds, Margaret, Moody, Odenville, Pell City, Pinedale Shores, Ragland, Riverside, Springville, and Steele. *Updated 2/13/2016*


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