Salute to Veterans — From Dinner to a Book

Our WWII Etowah County Veterans book has broadened to Salute to Veterans of Etowah County (since 1898).

Why the change?

The very successful “Salute to Veterans” dinner made us realize that we truly wanted to include MORE people. We also have been told that  obtaining the DD214 discharge paper from the Court House was time-consuming & at times difficult. That was affecting people submitting their WWII ancestors.

Old Form or New Form?

We do have a new form. However, the old form can still be used for a WWII soldier. The DD214 is no longer required although if you have one or can obtain one, it would be greatly appreciated.

Extension of  Publish Date

Plan is to have this book available by the first of December 2016. The cut-off is yet to be determined.

Look for a “Salute to Veterans” page announcement soon.

The page will have all information on the “new & improved” veterans book. We are excited about this “change” and look forward to receiving your Veterans Since 1898 Family Information forms.

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