Oh Dear, Jamestown Island Is Sinking

Planned to visit Jamestown Island???

You *STILL* have time. I know of at least one of our NEAGS members who has traced (and documented) her ancestors to Jamestown. Current articles on the Internet are focusing on the political buzzwords “global warming” because the U.S. Interior Secretary visited the Island. The island was hit by hurricane force winds several years ago. Articles state the island could be flooded (over time due to rising seas). None state how much or how fast. See the Historic Jamestown site for what to see on a visit as well as its history.

Jamestown was settled in 1607 by Europeans, including Capt. John Smith. When European settlers arrived, there already was a thriving population of Native Americans led by paramount Chief Powhatan. The remnants of both native people and settlers can be found on the island.

The first settlers found a land defined by water, and that landscape has only shifted more and more that way. Some parts of the island are only feet above sea level.

~ From Interior Chief Jamestown At Risk From Rising Seas article.




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