NEAGS – Subscriptions Back ~ Learning Never Stops

“Once you stop learning, you start dying.”

That quote is attributed to many people & comes with various ending words. I appreciate your patience as I learned ONE more thing today. Which means I can give you back something I removed just yesterday. Sigh~

Children Reading Newspaper
Children Reading Newspaper.

 Subscriptions Are Back!

 If you have subscribed before, you do NOT have to subscribe again.

Why the turnaround?

I learned that a “USER Subscriber” and
the “Email Subscriber” are NOT the same thing.
And I’ve learned how to eliminate the evil-User-Subscriber hacker.

You my friend are the GOOD email subscriber. You register & receive email of new posts. Easy. Simple. And on MY admin end as well.

The NEAGS site remains open to all. “Special sections” have been either opened to all or removed completely.

So-o-o-o-o you ask — what happens to that last post????


About 95% of it is mark deleted.
And hopefully no one will remember anything about it within a few months.

These days you can’t afford, as a site administrator, to hope everyone plays nice. The reality is they don’t. We’d love to see REAL activity on this site from the number of people who tried to hack it over the past month.

~ the NEAGS Site Administrator

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  • I would like to contact your group as I use to visit over there some years ago. I have been the 1st VP of the Alabama Genealogical Society and am the President for the next couple of years. Just wanted to send you some information on our speaker for the Spring Seminar, Saturday 5 April 2014, at Samford University. Judy G. Russell will be our Speaker. Hope you are not offended by my writing but knew no other way to contact now. I use to work in the Southern History Dept. at the Birmingham Public Library so some members may know me. Best Regards

    • Our email address is neagslib(@) … without the (). Judy Russell does one of the very best genealogy blogs on the Internet. She and I have communicated via email several times & was very helpful to me personally on several legal “web” issues. I will make sure this is announced at our next meeting and will also create a special post on our web site. Thanks so much for contacting us! ~ Lynda Peach, NEAGS Site Administrator

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