J. Mark Lowe, CG, FUGA

​4 pre-recorded sessions will be available from 15 April – 30 April.
An additional session will be presented live on
24 April (
beginning 10am Central)

with door prizes, and live Q&A following the presentation.
(Recording of this session will also be available through 30 April.)

Finding Your Family Home Using Maps & Other Location Details
Locate family farms and residences using maps and other geographic funding aids.  Using modern techniques and tested research strategies, follow the pathway to the front door or somewhere nearby.  
Private Claims, Troubled Pensions, and Letters for Help
Civilian families often made requests for payment of services rendered, which were yet unpaid or damages created by war or government intervention. These also include the pension application process for heirs and widows when documentation was lost. Sometimes, families just needed a little help.  Learn how and when these requests were honored, ignored, or lost and what records might be found.
The Gone, the Missing & the Misindexed: Finding Lost Families
Discover strategies used by researchers when your family is not where they should be in the Census Schedules and other Indexed Lists.
Tracing Public Catastrophes: Disasters, Pandemics, Mine Explosions, and Hurricanes.
Discover the wide variety of records that detail the stories of these strange and unexpected events. Learn to focus on a geographic area or understand the broader effects.

Using Stories & Timelines in My Family Research (Presented Live online on the 24th)
Learn to follow leads & clues to build timelines and answers to enrich our discussion.

​APRIL 15th – 8:00 AM Central

The 4 pre-recorded sessions & the syllabus 
will be available immediately upon registration.
The registration fee is $25 per attendee.
The Sessions will be available to review until 30 April 2021.

Mail-in Registration Form – Download and Mail to NEAGS, PO Box 8268, Gadsden AL 35902
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