NE AL Settlers Excerpt Vol 3 No 3

Bible records are not always available. Newsletters, especially those printed before the Internet, sometimes have such records. That’s the excerpt for this quarterly excerpt — a Bible record from the Clayton family.

“The following information was extracted from the Family Bible of Sampson Clayton. The Bible was published by the American Tract Society, New York, 150 Nassau Street and Boston, 28 Cornhill, entered accordingly to Act of Congress in the year 1857 by O.R. Kingsbury, in the Clerk’s Office of the District Court for the Southern District of New York. This Bible is now in the possess of Mr. Mark Clifford Clayton, Cedar Bluff, Alabama.

Family Record

  • Sampson Clayton was married to Elisabeth Drain July 20th 1823
  • Sampson Clayton was married to Elisabeth Hill January 20th 1833
  • John Phillip Starling was Born the 15 day of October 1864
  • M.A. Clayton, Son of Sampson Clayton was married to Fannie Sheely the 11th day of Dec 1873
  • Fannie Clayton wife of M.A. Clayton was born March the 11th 1858


  • Sampson Clayton was born August the 1st 1803
  • Elisabeth wife of Sampson Clayton was born in the year 1813
  • Palmer Clayton was born September the 30th 1824
  • Daniel Clayton was born April the 24th 1826
  • James Clayton was born Feby [stet], the 16th 1828
  • W.H. Clayton was born May the 30th 1830
  • Perry Clayton was born January the 28th 1834
  • Mary Jane Clayton was born March the 2nd 1836
  • Matthew M. Clayton was born April 1838
  • Soloman S. Clayton was born March 28th 1840
  • Easter C. Clayton was April the 4th 1844
  • Manervia E. Clayton was born May the 2nd 1846
  • Laura A. and Malinda P. Clayton were born October 18th 1848
  • Nancy G. Clayton was born January 22nd 1851
  • Mark A. Clayton was born December 11th 1853
  • William G. Clayton son of Perry Clayton was born o the 14th of September 1857
  • Lucius S. Clayton was born on 22nd day of February 1860


  • Sampson Clayton departed this life January the 6th 1865
  • Palmer Clayton Died 1842
  • James Clayton Died 27th June 1829
  • Perry Playton Died 9th March 1864
  • Mathew Clayton Died 1842
  • Elisabeth first wife of Sampson Clayton Died Octr. [stet] 8th 1832
  • Daniel Clayton Died July the 5th 1875
  • Perry Clayton Died March the 9th 1864 [listed twice in the list]
  • Permelia C. Sparks wife of T.A. Sparks died 22 Oct 1875
  • Solomon S. Clayton died May the 24th 1876
  • Sampson L. Clayton was born Oct the 6th 1877 [listed in the Deaths]
  • Fannie A. Clayton departed this life March the 5[th] 1879.”

Incomplete information concerning the Clayton family preceded the above excerpt.
Data entered in list format by web administrator for better reading on the Internet.

Comments from the Web Administrator:

Bibles for sale in an antique shop always saddens me I guess because the family associated with it is gone. Or maybe didn’t care. I always pick the Bible up and check the family records. I’ve never found any family that way. But … I’ll still continue to check — just in case.

Consider … Given the publishing date of the Bible, entries prior to sometime in 1857 were done by family members. We also do not know when the Bible came into Sampson Clayton’s hands. The Elisabeth listed in the births as the wife of Sampson Clayton could be either his first or second wife since both were named Ellisabeth. However, we can conjecture that it was his second wife.

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