North Carolina Land Grants in Tennessee, 1778-1791

Woman working a manual printing press.North Carolina Land Grants in Tennessee, 1778-1791 – compiled by Goldene Fillers Burgner

Review by Lynda Peach
Published January 2012
About the book

» Information is shown by County and Year, the Name, Acres, and Location.

» The 196 page book has an index by surname. When checking the index, be sure to look for alternate spellings of the surname.

» Compiled land records are often by state. Most of us think of a state like North Carolina as being the same size and shape it is today. But … states were formed out of other states. This book shows the land record that is now located in Tennessee but originally were in North Carolina.

» If you find your ancestor in this book, you have two states, not one, to research. For example, checking tax records.

» Small books such as these are usually not found in your local library.

Example of two records:
Washington County 1783
p. 19 496. John Sevier 640 (acres) On the waters of Nolachucky including several islands.
p. 22 554. Valentine Sevier Senr. 360 (acres) On Watauga River.

The edition at the Nichols Memorial Library was published with “new material” in 1981 by The Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr. The original compiled date is unknown. Reprinted in 1990 by the Southwest Virginia Historical Society.

Book Shelf.This book and many others like it are available for you to research onsite at the Nichols Memorial Library.
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