Jackson County, AL

Map of Alabama highlighting Jackson County.
Map of Alabama highlighting Jackson County. Source: Wikipedia

Jackson County was created by the Alabama legislature on December 13, 1819 from land acquired from the Cherokee Indians.

Jackson County was named in honor of General Andrew Jackson.

Jackson County is located in the northeastern corner of the state. Bound by Tennessee on the north, by Georgia and DeKalb County on the east, by DeKalb and Marshall Counties on the south, and by Madison County on the west.

The Tennessee River drains most of the county.

Towns & Communities

The act establishing Jackson County designated Sauta Cave as a temporary seat of justice.

Bellefonte was the county seat from 1821 until 1859, at which time it was transferred to Scottsboro, named for Robert T. Scott, an early settler from North Carolina.

Other towns and communities include Bridgeport and Stevenson.

~ Source: Ancestor Swap Meet 2003 book, June 21, 2003, Northeast Alabama Genealogical Society. Content modified for better readability.

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