Great Research Site for “Old” Books

The site — — has tons of books of ALL kinds.

  • Are there books that are JUST about genealogy?  Yes. Type genealogy in the search field.
  • You can search for free? Yes. In fact the site has a variety of searches available.
  • If I find a book I need, can I read the whole thing? For Free? Yes and then no. You can read a huge amount of the book for free.
  • Are there any “family” books? Yes. And between you and me I was surprised that were some I had never seen before.e?
  • Can I download books? Yes. Read online? Yes.

Best approach since the site has a cost.

Spend enough time on the site to see what kind of books are available. This site displays a lot of them (journals, etc.) so do search for REAL data. Personally I never really learn anything but a “sample” search unless I’m looking for real people in real places.

I would have utilized this site 5 years ago but not the way I can now. Five years ago I had no idea I had ancestors in the United States in the 1600s. Today I do and I found some great resources for my family in the 1600 & 1700s. I’m sure I’ll find other things as well. For me personally, I was excited to find some data on those really old folks. 🙂

I have not paid for access yet. Why?

I will pay for a month at a time. So first I want to have a month that is not stuffed with things-to-do. April of this year is absolutely NOT a good time.

I want my database that I’ve imported from Family Tree Maker into RootsMagic 7 in better shape than it is now.

I will focus on my direct ancestors for the first use.  I will focus on verifying facts found & fill in holes.

My first time to copy the text and paste it into a WordPress site (like this one) did not go well. Did I do something wrong? I don’t think so but I need to know. I can test that without having to pay.

Register. It’s free and registered users can “bookmark” anything they find.

Investigate site. Use the search. Find something. Bookmark it. Mark the surnames (or places, etc.) data in your research log.

Develop your plan. If you don’t, you will waste a LOT of time hopping from one piece of data to another. The site is full of BSOs (bright shiny objects).

AND this site might help your kids on homework assignments too!

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  • Looking for Wilson connections around Monroe County

    • Hi James,
      What exactly are you trying to find out? If you elaborate more, I will pass your information along to some of the other volunteers and maybe we can find some information for you.

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