Grave dowsing: Sept. Topic at Boaz Chapter

Grave dowsing.
Picture courtesy of Sand Mountain Reporter newspaper.

Posted in the The Sand Mountain Reporter newspaper: Wednesday, September 12, 2012 4:16 pm By Lionel Green.

Gregg used the rods to effectively identify the gender, positioning and even the height of bodies buried in the cemetery as he showed how grave dowsing is a useful tool in the study of family lineages, also called genealogy.”

Read the rest of the article by Lionel Green on The Sand Mountain Reporter site. You can contact Mr. Green at Like most newspapers, at some point older articles require a subscription to view. This is one of them.

Also posted on The Sand Mounter Reporter site is a portion of the meeting which you can view via YouTube.

Update 9/16: NEAGS & Wayne have just made the ‘big’ time — a Dick Eastman article, Grave Dowsing for Genealogists.
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