Genealogy & Cleaning a Frig (Update)

Cleaning FloorsWhat on Earth Do These Have to do with Each Other?

Ever had a chore that you just kept putting off. It isn’t that arduous of a job. You just always seem to be able to procrastinate it until later.

That’s me & cleaning out a frig. And that’s me and doing certain things with my genealogy research.

As I was accomplishing my clean-the-refrigerator chore yesterday morning after procrastinating much longer than I should have, I realized the above. And started asking myself WHY do I put off doing certain genealogy chores.

Such as updating my computer database with documents, pictures, stories, etc. I’ve found associated with my ancestors. Or just organizing a bunch of documents, letters, pictures that I’ve so carefully (but haphazardly) put in some special box or boxes for handling later.

I know why I procrastinate the frig. [I just don’t like the job. Period.There’s bound to be something smelly & yucky.]

But why do I put off my genealogy research updating, cleaning, etc. I know I’m a genealogy nut. I brake for graveyards. I drool at old filing cabinets filled with “family” stuff. Tear up when reading old cards & letters associated with members of my family … or even other people’s! Pop my buttons with pride when I find a tidbit of information that proves at least some of my folks went beyond the call of duty.

So why can’t I “get off the dime” on some of these chores?!?

Ouch! But I just literally typed the reason why. I tend to look at those things as chores. And like most people, I don’t like chores all that much.

Some people can just tell themselves ‘it’s not a chore’ & task accomplished. I am NOT one of those people.

And I realized for me in some of the “biggest” areas, it’s that I’m just not sure how to do it.
How DO I organize a huge double surname file?
Do I need to keep things after I’ve documented them?
How DO I organize my genealogy computer files?
How do I document CORRECTLY a book? a census?

What about you?
Are there “chores” in genealogy you are putting off?
Is one reason you just don’t know how to start? Or do the task?

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Not a full 24 hours passed after marking the below as “removed” & adding the paragraph above, I received an extremely nice thank-you on this article stating she would love to see more similar articles. So look for more.

Would you be interested in a series of articles on any of the above or more?
Real ones written by real people who struggle with the same things you do?

If the answer is “yes”, please email us & let us know.


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