No Need to Panic About Family Tree Maker Demise

~ This post covers:

  • What the Announcement REALLY Means including what it doesn’t.
  • What the Announcement DOES mean.
  • A link to an article with the full Ancestry announcement about Family Tree Maker as well as succinct list of path forward.
  • And a little advice from an NEAGS geek.

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Be a Good Santa to the Library This Year

Santa by NanaEllen.comHow To Be a Good Santa.
Donate any needed item to NEAGS Library.

You don’t even have to wrap ’em or add a bow. 🙂

“Santa Ideas”: paper plates, napkins, paper towels, dish detergent, plastic tableware, toilet paper, plastic cups, ream(s) of copy paper, genealogy books you no longer want, soft soap for bathroom, Clorox or Lysol wipes, bottled water, garbage bags, aluminum foil, cling wrap, zip lock bags, etc. And we will take money too!!!!!

Christmas mouse by NanaEllen.comAll Christmas art are from a wonderful site, Some wonderful Christmas stories are on the site.

Do You *Really* Know How To Use Ancestry’s Interactive Viewer?'s Interactive Viewer.

Interactive Viewer has changed considerably if you are a long-time user. Are you taking advantage of the new features? Or *assuming* you know what you need to about it?

Do you know there are Settings for the Interactive Viewer?

Did you handle the Settings ages ago and haven’t looked at them since?

I had to answer YES to the last question. … BUT I found something neat that I had been missing: RELATED CONTENT. Read the full article on how to FIND that in addition to a great tip article.

“STOREY – McILWAIN” by June Curry Maddox

by June Curry Maddox (date unknown)

      My mother, Grace Storey Curry told me my great-great grandfather John S. Storey left Spartanburg, South Carolina in 1825 and came to Coweta County Georgia. With that information, I began my search for John S. Storey and his ancestors in the Spartanburg County South Carolina Court House in 1963.

Thus begins the record of June Curry Maddox’s findings of that search. Nichols Library will house “The June Currey Maddox Collection” which was so large it is taken considerable time to organize & make room for all of the great research accomplished by this wonderful deceased member.