No Need to Panic About Family Tree Maker Demise

What the Announcement REALLY Means

Yesterday, 9-Dec-2015, Ancestry announced that “Family Tree Maker will no longer be offered as of December 31, 2015.” This does NOT mean:

  • The Family Tree Maker  will disappear off your computer.
  • The Family Tree Maker (whatever version) on your computer will no longer work.
  • The TreeSync™ between & FTM won’t work any more.

What the Announcement DOES Mean.

  • On January 1, 2016 you will no longer be able to buy the software from
  • Ancestry will stop upgrading or bringing out new versions.
  • Ancestry will continue to support Family Tree Maker “through January 1, 2017.
  • That “all features of the software, including TreeSync™, will continue to work through January 1, 2017.

RootsMagic and Legacy have GREAT offers.
Tons of articles came out immediately (with more to come) with advice.

In fact, so many that those of us who were Family Tree Maker (it was our primary genealogy software) users will definitely feel information overload.

ONLY TIME TO READ ONE … at least right now.

Recommend reading Lisa Louise Cooke’s (she writes the Genealogy Gems blog & is an Evernote & genealogy expert) article, What Ancestry’s Retirement of Family Tree Maker Software Means for You. It includes the full Ancestry post. It has a clear reasons for Ancestry’s decision. Remember, we don’t have to agree with it. But IT IS WHAT IT IS.

Some advice even if you didn’t ask. 🙂


Test several pieces of software before making a decision.

A key part of that test is uploading images, GEDCOMs, ***AND*** entering sources & repositories. Just entering some of your data in the people part of the form is NOT testing it.

Trust me — I wasted money on some genealogy software because I didn’t do the “key test”.

Now Easy To Find Latest Updates to Site

Quick & Easy Access to Latest Updates to NEAGS Site Now Available

Now when you come to the home page (and possibly on other pages as well), you’ll find a Latest Updates “widget” section. Links to pages or posts will display with those which have received a recent significant update. [Correcting typos is not a significant update.]

Additions are made to our pages but do not warrant a post. Personally I find those kind of posts just a bit annoying.

The Latest Updates widgit was added this afternoon. Any significant updates will now display in that section.

Success & What’s Next

2015 Swap Meet, a HUGE Success!

From the DNA Session conducted by J. Mark Lowe on Thursday evening, the extra special Salute To Veterans Dinner on Friday night with music by Kings of Swing … then the three full session on Saturday by Mark. We have heard nothing but good things about each.

What’s Next?  Changes.

  • From the planned WWII Etowah County book — it’s not going away. It’s morphing into a wider concept.
  • Big Site Change. For various reasons the template has to change.
  • Cleanup in the site of obsolete information.
  • A Call for Writers for the site and for the newsletter.
  • Two New Facebook groups with focus on research.


  • Volunteer. There are ALL sorts of ways you can “give” time. From an hour to a regular volunteer position.
  • I need help on this site. And if you can open a web form & enter your name & address — that makes you qualified! Email me!
  • Donate. People assume that we receive financing from the city or the state. That the library building is owned by the city. That the utilities are paid by the city. The NEAGS Society pays for all of those & more. We apply for and do on occasion receive a grant.


Notices are placed on this site & on our Facebook page.

The easiest way to stay on top of new here is to find the “Subscribe” section on this site. Anytime a post is made, you’ll receive a message with the first part of the post shown.  If you don’t log into Facebook very often, then subscribing to this site is the best way to keep up with genealogy in northeast Alabama.

If you log into Facebook often, make our page a FAVORITE and you’ll always see it on your left nav area. If there is a number next to it, you know that something new has been posted.

~ From your NEAGS Site Admin, Lynda Peach.

 P.S. The first change will be the site appearance.