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What Alabama Data is on

Alabama (outlined on a USA 48-state map) data found on Ancestry

Did you know that you can access at Nichols Library?

People tend to think that Ancestry is all about Family Trees or finding an ancestor in a census. Both of those are there & the census access is valuable. Ancestry has upgraded their view of the census several times and if you have not looked at one in several years, you might well be surprised at the improvement. Family Trees — well, those are put on by “just folks” and I’ll address using those with care in a separate post.

You will be astonished to see the number of read data records, collections, books, etc. on Alabama. PLUS, there is an easy way to obtain all the records related to a specific Alabama county.

Do You *Really* Know How To Use Ancestry’s Interactive Viewer?'s Interactive Viewer.

Interactive Viewer has changed considerably if you are a long-time user. Are you taking advantage of the new features? Or *assuming* you know what you need to about it?

Do you know there are Settings for the Interactive Viewer?

Did you handle the Settings ages ago and haven’t looked at them since?

I had to answer YES to the last question. … BUT I found something neat that I had been missing: RELATED CONTENT. Read the full article on how to FIND that in addition to a great tip article.

A MUCH Faster Search Using Green Leaf Hints on Ancestry.Com

The first in a “Using” Series.

Search One Database for All Green Leaf Hints in Your Tree

Did you know that you can filter your green leaf Hints by record collection? ~ Source: Randall J. Seaver on

Instead of searching an all “green leaf” hints for an ancestor by going through all the hints provided, learn to utilize the power of computing to search only ONE database for anyone with a hint for THAT database in your tree.

Talk about a research time saver!

This is a MUST READ post if you have an tree.