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What to Find in the 1940 Census Tips

The advertisment use before the 1940 census to encourage people to participate fully.Whether you are really into genealogy or just know someone who is, you’ve read or seen something about the release of the 1940 census. There are in-depth articles, short tidbits, blank census forms, tutorials on the 1940 Indexing Project — just tons of information scattered across the Internet.

The purpose of this section will be to provide you a central location for information about the 1940 census. Now admittedly it will be what I find, at least at first. Look for an RSS feed for this section. A RSS feed will allow you to know when content has been added to this section without you having to come to the site. How do you think I learn about all the 1940 info? 🙂 When the RSS feed is posted, I’ll include instructions on how to to use an RSS feed if you have no knowledge about RSS.

There are surprises in the 1940 census — even more than we thought there would be.