The 1950 Census Questionnaire

Census image from VintageKin.comThe 1940 census had questions not asked on previous censuses. The site Census.Gov has the actual census used in 1950. Take a look at what is asked in the 1950 census. Like the 1940 census, extra questions are asked for a “sample” household. One of my favorite questions from the 1940 census was what grade had been completed by the person. That has been moved to the “sample” section with a slight change. The last grade attended and a second question, did the person complete the grade. Site:

Enumerated Twice in a Census?

Depending on their family and work situation, there is a chance that an ancestor is enumerated more than once in a census. The census was not necessarily always taken “on just one day,” so individuals who moved around the time of the census may have been listed by two enumerators. Individuals who were living in one household and working as domestic help in another may show up in twice–once in each household.

© Michael John Neill, “Genealogy Tip of the Day,”, 22 Jun 2012.

Look at ALL the Fields in a Census

Just two above her family entry was a man (head), occupation “miller” . AND had her maiden name surname. Both born in the same state.

Given the ages of the woman and the “miller” suggests a brother and provided another avenue of research which before was limited to the woman’s maiden name and her married name. Even if it was a cousin — it’s still a clue.

Especially when faced with what had been a ‘brickwall’ for the researcher.

Tip from Lynda Peach, NEAGS Site Administrator, 14-Oct-2012.