FAQ re Using Nichols Library

Does it cost to use Nichols Library?

No. However, there is a cost to make a facsimile of a document or to print to our printers. Members of the society also pay for the use but at a discount. [More information below.]

Will someone at the library do research for me? I know nothing about how to look up my family.

No. However, the library volunteers will help you learn how to do research.

Do we have to refile the research files and books after use?

No. We would prefer to refile these materials for you.

Can I use my laptop at the library? Is there wifi available?

Yes, you may use your own laptop and we do have wifi capability.

Do you have anything to help research outside Alabama? Most of my ancestors are not from Alabama.

While we have more research books on our home state than others, we have a good deal of research on other states. In fact, see the November 2011 and December 2011 Book of the Month Reviews. And the article, Everything is Nichols Library is related to Alabama–Right?

May I bring children to the library?

The Nichols Memorial Library is not a ‘public library’ but a research library. Ergo, it does not have a children’s area nor is there any play area. We ask that researchers time be respected & that children not be brought to the library when you are doing your research.

May I Xerox materials I find of interest?

Yes. Providing these are items from your research at the library. The cost is 25 cents per copy for non-members and 10 cents per copy for members.

Does the library provide any computers for research use?

Yes, but we only have two such computers available and may need to be used by the library staff volunteers to assist those researching.

Time use by researchers is limited to 30 minutes. Please be aware that library visitors are not likely to notify you that your 30-minute limit has been reached & they would like a turn. Take a break and be sure no one else wants to use the computer.

Note: If you are uncomfortable with asking someone to allow you to use the computer once they have reached their 30-minute limit, ask a library volunteer to assist. We will be glad to do so.

Printing from the computer is available at 50 cents per page for non-members and 25 cents for members.

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