A New Look & Focus for the NEAGS Site

A New Look. A New Focus. A Cleanup of Old Content. More capabilities.

The new look — cleaner. Not just the content but the menus as well. And most important to your site administrator…a new content platform.

The new focus — to the counties of North East Alabama & to assist our society members & readers in genealogy research.

The cleanup of old content. Even on web sites, it’s not the NUMBER of posts, pages, or items you have. It’s the information within them. BTW, the same thing applies to genealogy databases. All content was reviewed and some removed.

More capabilities. Nothing on the site is restricted from your view. Ability to comment on posts enabled. You do NOT have to be a subscriber to make a comment. All content is reviewed before it appears on the site. Anti-spam in place. We hate it as much as you do.

Subscribers — “If I subscribed before, do I have to subscribe again?”.

YES — After reconsideration, please go to the right column & re-subscribe.

NO — but you will need to contact admin@neags.com to reset your password.
Include your username
You can then edit your profile and change your password!!!!

One of the options I had as the site administrator was to bring over all subscribers. I did that although if you subscribed within the two months, you will need to subscribe again.


We absolutely have not and will not give, sell, donate, etc. our subscriber list to ANYONE!

On this new site, you will be notified whenever a new post is added. For example, you should receive a notification on this post when it goes live.

The plus of being a Subscriber — you will be on top of all new posts without having to check & see if we have updated anything. The other plus is right now I do not have a RSS feed enabled for the site — yes, it is going to be added.

For the techies out there — the site was moved from Joomla to WordPress.

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