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“STOREY – McILWAIN” by June Curry Maddox

by June Curry Maddox (date unknown)

      My mother, Grace Storey Curry told me my great-great grandfather John S. Storey left Spartanburg, South Carolina in 1825 and came to Coweta County Georgia. With that information, I began my search for John S. Storey and his ancestors in the Spartanburg County South Carolina Court House in 1963.

Thus begins the record of June Curry Maddox’s findings of that search. Nichols Library will house “The June Currey Maddox Collection” which was so large it is taken considerable time to organize & make room for all of the great research accomplished by this wonderful deceased member.

A MUCH Faster Search Using Green Leaf Hints on Ancestry.Com

The first in a “Using” Series.

Search One Database for All Green Leaf Hints in Your Tree

Did you know that you can filter your green leaf Hints by record collection? ~ Source: Randall J. Seaver on

Instead of searching an all “green leaf” hints for an ancestor by going through all the hints provided, learn to utilize the power of computing to search only ONE database for anyone with a hint for THAT database in your tree.

Talk about a research time saver!

This is a MUST READ post if you have an tree.