Looking for Alabama records older than 1900?

Reposted from a Facebook group, Genealogy & Historical Databases.

“If so, the Alabama Dept. of archives and History is where to go – but [it is] located in Montgomery. So, if you cannot drive there, the next best thing is to send in a research form. It is $15 for in state and $25 for out of staters…but they will search for you. Wills, probated estates, etc. And it is NOT charged by the hour, but by the surname!”

Research form link: http://www.archives.alabama.gov/referenc/newform2.html

Posted on Facebook by MarieĀ DubusĀ Garrett.

2 Responses to “Looking for Alabama records older than 1900?”

  1. miranda bell says:

    I see that tomorrow is a meeting and I would like to attend but it does not tell me where the meeting will be held . Can you tell me please ?

    • neagstd says:

      Miranda — I’m so sorry I didn’t see this until late Saturday. All our meetings are at our headquarters, Nichols Memorial Library unless we announce otherwise. BUT you certainly have pointed out a hole in our announcements. ~ Web Administrator

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