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Historial Alabama Timeline, 1519-1820

Read any instruction how-to book on genealogy… And you’ll find suggestions, strong suggestions, to create a timeline on your ancestor AND on the places he or she lived. Lucky for those researching Alabama…. William Dollarhide, well-known genealogist, wrote an article on 6/20/13 for GenealogyBlog titled, “A Genealogist’s Historical Timeline of Alabama, 1519-1820“. For any research in …

A New Look & Focus for the NEAGS Site

A New Look. A New Focus. A Cleanup of Old Content. More capabilities.

The new look — cleaner. Not just the content but the menus as well. And most important to your site administrator…a new content platform.

The new focus — to the counties of North East Alabama & to assist our society members & readers in genealogy research.

The cleanup of old content. Even on web sites, it’s not the NUMBER of posts, pages, or items you have. It’s the information within them. BTW, the same thing applies to genealogy databases. All content was reviewed and some removed.

More capabilities. Nothing on the site is restricted from your view. Ability to comment on posts enabled. You do NOT have to be a subscriber to make a comment. All content is reviewed before it appears on the site. Anti-spam in place. We hate it as much as you do.

Subscribers — “If I subscribed before, do I have to subscribe again?”.